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Fox Water Softener
Product Descriptions:

PDF File Wolverine Softener

PDF File The 5600 Softener

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Fox Water Softeners feature!

bullet image Softeners built on site in our Madison facility.

bullet image All Fox Water Softeners feature double-ply, corrosion proof, NSF approved mineral tanks.

bullet image A single Teflon-coated piston pilots the entire regeneration process.

bullet image Timed brining feature carefully measures brine for economical salt usage and holds up to 300 lbs of salt.

bullet image Easy-set, user-friendly controls

bullet image Low-water control valve design reduces regeneration water usage.

bullet image Fox uses premium, high-capacity softening resin which is exceptionally durable and FDA compliant.

Water Softeners

What can soft water do for you?

Fox Water SoftenerIn Dane County, hard water is found in many homes. It can clog pipes and appliances, reduce clothing longevity by 15 percent, leave a soapy film on bathtubs and shower tiles, and increase water heating costs by nearly 30 percent while shortening the life of the heater. A Fox Water softener reduces the hardness of water, eliminating these problems and resulting in substantial savings.

Why choose a Fox Water Softener?  Simple. We build each and every Fox Water Softener on site and we stand behind them with one of the best warranties you'll find anywhere. That means we always have replacement parts on-hand and pride ourselves on providing fast and efficient service should you ever need it.

The Wolverine Softener

Fox Water Softener - wolverineThe “Wolverine” features a lead-free brass control which has been proven reliable and durable.

This high-quality softener with its brass fittings ensure longevity, and is built to last 20 to 25 years. This softener also features a mechanical meter that monitors water demand thus saving up to 50% on salt and water. This softener is available for purchase or rental.



The 5600 Softener

The “5600" is Fox Water's noryl plastic metFox Water 5600 Water Softenerered control softener. Again, this softener comes is several sizes to meet the needs of any home.This softener is available for purchase or rental and has an average of 15-20 years of service.


The Digital SeriesFox DC Water Softener

The "DC" Series is Fox Water's digital version of the noryl plastic control softener. This softener is available for purchase and has a average life service of 15+ years.





fox water dual softenerThe Dual 48

The Dual 48 is a water softener that we recommend for commercial applications, such as restaurants, multi-tenant buildings and even larger homes. Our commercial-grade water softener can be found in many businesses throughout Dane County.






No one outfoxes hard water like Fox!