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In Dane County, WI, we have very hard water.  It can clog pipes and appliances, leave a film on bathtubs & shower tiles, and increase water heating costs and shortening the life of the heater.  A Fox water softener reduces the hardness of water, eliminating these problems and resulting in substantial savings. The Fox Digital Controlled metered softener features a control valve from Clack Corporation in Windsor, WI.  This water softener is user friendly, it monitors family usage and regenerates accordingly.  Average service life of 15 + years with an average of a couple of service calls.  Warranty: 10 years on both tanks-5 years on parts-2 years of free service.
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No one outfoxes hard water like Fox!
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Digital Metered Fox Water Softener
Why choose a Fox Water softener?
Simple, we build each Fox water softener in our shop on the northside of Madison, we stand behind each Fox water softener with an excellent warranty & we pride ourselves delivering fast, reasonable service when needed.